Tuesday, 5 October 2010

St Columba's Interviews

My name is Callum McFadden and at the moment I am doing my work experience at Trust Regeneration. I have just started working on the Morton project and have recently had to interview some of the pupils involved with the Morton project at St Columba's High School. So far in the project the pupils have been split up into groups and have been required to design a poster for the Morton project. The pupils then had to choose their favourite design which will then be incorporated into the book.

Here are some of the questions that I asked the pupils :
Did you enjoy being part of the Morton project?
Yes, as the project was thoroughly enjoyable.

What did you enjoy most about the project?
We really enjoyed coming up with ideas for the front cover.

How does it feel to have helped produce a book?
It's good to know that we have contributed something worthwhile for the book.

Are you looking forward to seeing the end product?
Yes, it should be good.

Did you know anything about Morton before the project started?
We didn't know a lot about the club or it's history before the project started.

Now that you have learned more about Morton, do you feel that you know more about them than you did when the project started?
Yes, we now know a lot more about the club and its history.

Finally did you enjoy working as a team?
Yes, it was really fun and enjoyable.

I also interviewed the group who produced the winning design and this is what they had to say :

How do you feel to have produced the winning design?
We are very happy and proud of ourselves.

Now that you have produced a successful design, are you looking forward to seeing it incorporated into the book?
Yes, it’s quite exciting.

Overall have you enjoyed being a part of this project?
Yes, it’s been really fun and enjoyable throughout.

And finally would you like to be involved in a project like this one?
Yes, because this project was fun and a change from doing normal class work.

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