Thursday, 18 November 2010

Winning Poems To be Featured in Book

The young people of St Columba's took a vote on which of their classmates poems & thoughts about the housing conditions were the best. The three poems who received the highest amount of votes would have their work published in the book itself. There will be competitions such as this one for the young people all the way through the book, as every section they will be asked to contribute their thoughts & ideas about how different life was back then.

The winners were Reagan Kelly, Shannon Docherty and Kyla Downie.

As Kylas poem wasn't shown in the last post, here it is:

People came to oor wee toon
Very poor and lived in one room
Families had loads of wears,
Running around with the pains
With nothing to eat,
No even a bit of meat
Even trying to get into bed
Was a fight you got hit in the head
When there was ten in a bad

Everyone did really well on this part of the project and the young people are really beginning to enjoy working and finding out about the history of their home town.

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